Become Your Own Guru. Find Your Song and Sing it.


“My quest has always been to find a fast and simple method of emotional release, health and life recovery that is :-

  • so gentle to apply even young children can enjoy it’s benefits,
  • so user friendly that it doesn’t matter if you are on medication or not,
  • so simple and self empowering that anyone can help themselves make deep and profound beneficial changes to their life.

In this site you will find the answer to that quest.

Do You Feel you Are Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place?

You may have already tried everything to:-

  • regain your health
  • adjust your body weight or body image
  • find your purpose and way forward in life
  • overcome traumatic emotional memories and experiences
  • release depression
  • release addictions and addictive behaviors
  • create more nourishing and fulfilling relationships

Underlying each of these large categories is a deeper emotional imbalance that once located can be very quickly and simply released permanently. Even little children can learn and even have fun doing it for themselves, it is so easy.

All you will need to make this magic happen in your life is a  small magnet like the one you may have on your fridge, and a little Muscle Testing know how.

Sounds too good to be true?

Why don’t you try it right now and join the thousands of people around the world who are learning to help themselves with leading state-of-the-art discoveries in practical, life changing, self help, energy releasing techniques using a simple magnet.

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