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How to Get Help

Assistance at a Distance.

Email contact:

The beauty of the techniques involved with Magnetic-Health mens that you do not have to be present in person to benefit from a session.

A long distance session can a be conducted over the phone or over the internet through skype. Skype is the best for long distance consultations because we can communicate even better, it is the very next best thing to you actually being present in my consulting room.

Working both as proxy on your behalf and assisting you to do your own magnet release work, Skype is an ideal medium for long distance consultations. This means that wherever you are, even if you are travelling and on the go you can still receive prompt assistance.

If you are more locally based, yet cannot travel, perhaps you are house bound or bedridden, suffer from outdoor phobias etc., Skype consultations enable excellent sessions in the comfort and security of your own home.

If you are a busy business person and time for consultation visits are limited, Skype consultations to your private office help you make the very most of your time. Consultations can also be made from anywhere in the world you may be travelling and need assistance.

email contact:

Personal Consultations are conducted at the Hayward Clinic in Bandon, West Cork. Ireland. Appointments need to be made through email application. In the application please let us know the best time for us to phone you to arrange an appointment. Email contact:

Clinic session times are between 10am to 5pm weekdays. All other consultations are made through Skype and may be arranged to assist various time diffenernces. All sessions are conducted in English.

Payment for sessions is made through the Pay-Pal facility on this site unless otherwise agreed.

There is a charge of  €65 for the first session, which is for one hour. All subsequent sessions are at the rate of €50 per hour. Some sessions may only need to be for half an hour.

So that you can gain an idea of the speed and depth of benefit achieved through these techniques we offer a special half hour taster session in which we can assist you to ease an emotional or physical pain. This session is at an introductory rate of €35.

Just contact us at and we will get directly back to you to arrange and appointment.


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