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The Assemblage Point

The Assemblage Point is our interdimensional point. It functions in the same way as we see in the video, except the vortex within us is paralellto the ground. Envisage the structure in the video turned on it’s side and a human body placed in the centre and you have an excellent idea of what the Assemblage Point energetic structure is like.
Our consciousness enters into this physical experience through this energetic structure, and when we leave this experience we exit through it. Most people on this beautiful planet haven’t a clue that this part of our bio-energetic field even exists let alone that their whole vitality for life depends upon its clarity of function. Very few people know how to successfully work with it.

The centre vortex of the Assemblage Point is located right next to our physical heart, right in the centre of our chest. In an unhealthy person this position can change. For example if it is located below the central chest you would experience depression and very low energy. Above that central position you would be hyper-energised.
Any distortion or fracturing of this system is reflected in emotional difficulties and physical problems. Manic depressives for example have a vortex that is tilted so they move from a manic to a depressed state according to what is being reiggered at the time.
Schitzophrenia and Bo-polar disorders for example,( currently considered  mental conditions only treatable with drugs) are actually the result of displacements and damage to the structure of the AP and it’s vortex. This is a very treatable condition that you can even do for yourself once  you know how.

Most of us walk around with very low functioning energy from this vital part of our bio-energetic field. Subsequently we find it hard to get our act together, or we search outside ourselves for solutions, stimulants etc. Once you know how to clear and re-energise this important aspect of yourself you will be utterly amazed at how it transforms the way you feel, and the way you feel about yourself.

It doesn’t matter what energy work you do, how much emotional clearing you do, what nutrition you pay attention to, how many affirmations you say during a day, if you do not correct  your AP, you cannot become fully healthy.

If you would like to learn more about the function of the Assemblage Point and simple steps you can take to correct any imbalances boosting your health and energy, just click here on this link for this download……..


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