Become Your Own Guru. Find Your Song and Sing it.


Mary Woodthorpe. BA Hons. FATH. EFT Adv. Co.Practitioner of The Emotion Code and My Body Code.

Founder of

  • The Animal Metaphor Process,
  •  Inner Imagery Techniques.
  • Assemblage Point Revitalisation
  • The Magnetic-Health System.

Author of “Become Your Own Guru”.

Mary is an Energy Psychologist Intuitive and psychokinesiologist.

She has trained with many well known people in the Healing Arts field, studied, researched and run workshops for the past 20 years. She has been in private practice for the last 8 years. At present Mary is based in Ireland.

 “My quest has always been to find a fast and simple method of emotional release, health and life recovery that is :-

  • so gentle to apply even young children can enjoy it’s benefits,
  • so user friendly that it doesn’t matter if you are on medication or not,
  • so simple and self empowering that anyone can help themselves make deep and profound beneficial changes to their life. “

 In this site you will find the answer to that quest.

Along her journey Mary has discovered many ways to release uncomfortable emotions, some more successful than others. She found that they key, after much experimentation was that you have to communicate in some way with your inner self and your subconscious, because that is the powerhouse whereeverything that runs your life is created. Your intuition, all the programs that run the day to day events and experiences of our lives takes place away from your conscious mind.

Change the underlying programs that hinder the real you from expressing yourself and you literally change your life by revealing the magnificence of who you really are.

The ability to change and control what we don’t like about ourselves and our life is one thing yet to know what to change and how that is perfect for us is quite another. Now that is  immensely empowering. It creates a huge liberating potential for mental, emotional, and physical health. When you know how to connect to that innate inteligence within yourself in a very practical way, to select what foods are best for you, what life decisions are best for you, you move beyond the guess work into a more fluid and rewarding life free from the suppositions and generalisations of others. You will know what is best for YOU. You become your own expert, YOU BECOME YOUR VERY OWN GURU.

Once you learn the skills you have them for the rest of your life. You can show others to help them also take their life to a new level, and so on.

Energetic wellbeing is the bedrock, the foundation of all the good things that we wish for in  our lives, warm loving relationships, financial health, wonderful nourishing experiences etc. etc. Yet for most of us on this beautiful planet at present that is a very distant if not seemingly impossible dream. It needn’t be.

We really don’t have to dream any more. You will find in this site very easy simple gentle techniques that can unlock the door to even the most stubborn of heavily bolted doors if you so wish it.

Click here for more information on how these process work.

Click here on how to get started right now.


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