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What you may not know about Prostate and Breast Cancer.

Cancer is caused by a fungus.

Cancer is caused by a fungus that exploits weakened areas of the body.

Candida is well know for overgrowing the gut where it performs a much needed digestive function as part of the natural bowel flora. Unfortunately under certain conditions it can develop into an invasive fungal form that can rapidly spread through out the body creating a home wherever it encounters the right body-weakened conditions.

What does candida need in order to grow?

  • acidic environmant
  • low oxygen
  • sugar
  • weakened energy situation, perhaps caused by trapped emotions.

You can use the Muscle Testing techniques to discover which aspects of your food and lifestyle is supplying the Candida in your body what it needs to grow.

By denying Candida what it most needs to flourish you prevent any overgrowth ever happening.

One very interesting aspect of this that has recently come to my notice is that different strains of Candida have different preferences for where they like ot grow in the body, and what particualar foods make them flourish.

It has been discovered that the fungus that causes both Breast and Prostate Cancer needs extra amounts of calcium in order to grow. If you or anyone you know is suffering from such a condition, or is in recovery from such a condition you might like to refer them to this excellent article for more detailed information.

Here is an excellent link to a most helpful article on cancer prevention and diet on the Dr. Mercola site


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