Become Your Own Guru. Find Your Song and Sing it.

Change can be alot easier than you may think.

Illness and emotional difficulties can wreak havock in our lives unless we take control to change that.

Our subconscious, which is what we operate from 95% of our day, is full of energetic emotional baggage.

Some of that baggage we may have inherited from many generations back, some we picked up while we were still in our mothers womb and a great deal from our own life experiences.

Everything we have ever said, done or believed is in our subconscious storehouse waiting to be triggered into action.

The only snag is that a large portion of that baggage does not support our best interests as we are right now.

The decisions we made back in our past might have been the best we could come up with at the time knowing what we did then.

Unfortunately the decisions of a three or four year old may no longer be appropriate when running a large business, driving a car, sorting out involved relationship difficulties, handling complex financial issues, taking life changing exams, or facing unprecedented challenges. Like a computer program, the subconscious will behave according to whatever program is dominant.

There is a part of all of us that is amazing beyond what we can begin to conceive of right now. We are already immensely intelligent skillful, knowledgeable and perfectly healthy. What gets in the way of us being like this all the time? It is whatever is held in our subconscious that covers these innate abilities over. Beliefs, trapped emotions, psychic shocks, energetic barriers, memories, they all can prevent our Inner Self getting a look in.

This is where the power of our mind comes in. Our minds are in fact only tools, (even though our minds would wish us to believe otherwise). Our mind is there to enable us to make the choice between our internal stored programs running the show, or allowing our inner power and beauty to direct our lives. Unfortunately most of us have lost sight of that Inner Beauty, and so we really don’t know any different, so recovery for most of us seems a distant dream.

I am here to tell you that with the amazing understandings and discoveries we now have, emotional recovery and healing can now be created quickly and simply, you can have a well trained professional to help you or you can choose to help yourself. I wish I had known all this when I was younger it would have saved me having to experience so many steep learning curves.


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